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PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

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PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

Product Abstract:

PVC coated chain link fence also called vinyl coated or plastic coated chain link mesh is woven accurately with PVC wire in green or black color. Add color and style to your fence with color coordinated, vinyl coated chain wire fence. The heavy fence coated with fused and bonded vinyl is guaranteed for years of trouble-free use.

Product Description

PVC coated chain link fence specifications:

Core wire: low carbon steel wire, electro galvanized.
PVC coating RAL 6005  - fused and adhered.
Tensile strength : 340 to 480 N/mm2.
Wire diameter (inside/after coated): 1.7/2.50, 1.8/2.6, 2.2/3.2, 2.5/3.55, 3.55/4.75mm.
Hole size: 30mm; 40mm, 50mm.
Roll length: 10m – 30m.
Width: 1 -2.5 meters.
Galvanized pipes in the shape of V or pend.

PVC coated chain link fence

Feature: In order to make chain link fence served without rusting and against corrosion.

The chain wires can be PVC coated, galvanized, or zinc and PVC coated. The more zinc,

the longer chain link will not rust. But the sea air, acid rain, ammonia, turning into nitric

acid, it is easy to destroy the layer of zinc. To use it in such hostile environments the wire

must with PVC coated. Zinc and PVC wire is actually already galvanized then the vinyl is

placed and sealed around it. It has the best durability and resistant to corrosion; and it

is not afraid of oil and water.

PVC coated chain link fence

Application: Chain link fence with PVC coated is lightweight and perfectly resists aggressive

environmental influences, and it has an attractive appearance. So it is the best choice for

gardens, tennis courts, sports fields fencing. And it is also suitable for using in the oil field,

sea around and coast of the salt sea. Green or black chain link fencing is also suitable for

creating indoor dog pens

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