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Galvanized chain link diamond wire fence mesh

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Galvanized chain link diamond wire fence mesh

Product Abstract:

Galvanized chain link diamond wire fence mesh diamond wire fence mesh are secure,attractive and versatile a chain link fence system can be an excellent choice for the home or business owner.With the right chain fence you can expect years of protection, privacy and value.Used chain link fence gates comes in a wide range of qualities, colors, sizes and types. The chain link has four elements:fabrice,framework,fittings and gates.

Product Description

Galvanized chain link diamond wire fence mesh


Chain link wire mesh are secure,attractive and versatile  a chain link fence system 

can be an excellent choice for the home or business owner.With the right chain fence you 

can expect years of protection, privacy and value.Used chain link fence gates comes in 

a wide range of qualities, colors, sizes and types. The chain link has four elements:fabrice,

framework,fittings and gates.




 1.Chain link wire mesh material and specification: low carbon steel wire, aluminum alloy wire.


Technical Standards Description
Product Standard TS EN 10223-6 **
Raw Material Standard TS EN 10244
Material Hot Dip Galvanized Wire
Wire Diameter From 1.90 mm to 3.00mm
Mesh Size From 20 x 20mm to 80 x 80mm
Height 1-1.2-1.5-2 meter****
Length 20 meter Standard  ***



♦ 2.Chain link wire mesh Surface Treatment: Electro galvanized, Hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated.


♦ 3.Chain link wire mesh twist types:

♦ 4.Chain link wire mesh processing:


♦ 5.diamond wire fence mesh Edge StyleTwisted barb edge, Closed edge.


♦ 6.diamond wire fence mesh PVC color:Moss green , grass green , white , black,  
grey ,etc

 7.Chain link wire mesh Weaving

Woven diamond pattern provides strong, durable and flexible construction. The closely spaced 

diamond   mesh construction gives your fence linear strength and springy texture to protect horses 

from injury and prevent predators from entering paddocks and pastures. 


 8.Chain link wire mesh Advantage 


 1) Primary Use - If the system is mainly used to accent your landscaping or define property

 boundari-es, you may be able to use a lighter mesh than if you were containing pets 

or protecting property.

2) Visual Aesthetics - If you desire a fence system that blends into the environment then 

you should consider a color coated system.


 9.Chain link wire mesh post picture show: 

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