• Steel Galvanised Horse / Cattle Rail Fencing

    Cattle Rail is a type of steel pipe or tubular fence that resembles a pipe or a tube. It is commonly used in agricultural settings, such as farm and ranch fencing, to contain large animals like cattle, horses, and sheep. It is renowned for its durability, ease of maintenance, and long-term cost-effectiveness. While it may have been the only option for steel fencing in the past, there are now premium steel post and rail fencing solutions available in the market. [View Details]
  • Machine safety fencing EN ISO 14120 standard

    Machine safety fences – those specifically designed for the safety of industrial machines and robots – must include specific features, which set them apart from conventional fences used in different scenarios. These are defined by the EN ISO 14120 standard, which details the “General requirements for the design and manufacture of fixed and movable guards.” [View Details]
  • How to choose the best security fence for home defense

    A security fence is no good if a burglar can easily go around it, under it or cut through it. So to make sure that doesn’t happen, get a fence that: Is secured into the ground with concrete. Concrete footings along the whole length of the fence are your best bet here. But that can get expensive. So at least make sure posts are all secured in concrete. Cannot be cut through. Some common fence types, like chainlink, are actually relatively easy to cut through with bolt cutters. Includes secure gates. A fence is only as secure as its weakest point. So make sure your new security fence also has heavy-duty gates that match the security of the fence panel. You’ll also want to padlock the gates. [View Details]
  • Supply and installation of Steel palisade fencing

    Supply and installation of Steel palisade fencing in Llansamlet [View Details]
  • How to Install a Chain Link Fence

    How to Install a Chain Link Fence There are a lot of fence ideas out there but if you want something that would last for a long time, a chain link fence would be a good choice. I wanted to replace our old fence and decided to install a chain link fence instead. So if you’re planning on building a new fence for your home, check out this tutorial so you can start making your DIY fence. [View Details]
  • Washington state firms interested in building Trump’s border wall

    A truck drives near the Mexico-U.S. border fence, on the Mexican side, separating the towns of Anapra, Mexico and Sunland Park, New Mexico, in January. [View Details]
  • White House perimeter fence preliminary drawings unanimously approved by NCPC

    Currently, the concept design calls for a 10-foot-seven-inch-tall fence, standing on an 18-inch stone base with one-foot-tall “anti-climb measures.” The current fence is roughly eight feet high and encloses approximately 18 acres of land. The White House fence was first installed around 1803 and now features seven pedestrian and six vehicular gates. In the summer of 2015, the NCPC approved temporary security improvements to the White House fence. These “anti-climb measures” are also known as "pencil points.” When considering new designs for the perimeter fence, the Secret Service kept in mind the picket size and spacing. At the last NCPC meeting, the NCPC commented favorably on the two-inch picket with the five-and-a-half inches of space, providing more visual access for visitors. The existing perimeter fence offers approximately one-inch pickets with a roughly 4.5-inch space. [View Details]

    The rust-colored border security fence starts in a dusty field on the Loop family farm in South Texas —about 15 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico and a mile north of the southern U.S. border. [View Details]
  • Germany Homeland Security & Public Safety Market - 2016-2022

    Devices & Systems E-Passports Fiber Optic Security Fence Gamma Ray Systems Container-Vehicle Screening Systems [View Details]
  • Agricultural Fencing Market By Products Chainlink Fencing, Wire & Steel Fencing, Fence Droppers, Fence Posts and Tools Analysis and Forecasts to 2023

    Agricultural Fencing Market World Report : The Agricultural Fencing World Report Gives Market Consumption / Products / Services For Over 200 Countries By 6 To 10-Digit Naics Product Codes By 3 Time Series: From 1997- 2015 And Forecasts 2016- 2023 & 2023-2028. [View Details]

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