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security palisade fence
2016-03-26 16:49:12

Baildon residents' anger at 'stark' look of new railway security palisade fence.

A RESIDENTS' group is horrified that a community space in Baildon has suddenly

been marred by the arrival of an industrial-style spiked security fence beside

the railway which borders it.

Members of Hoyle Court and Kirklands Residents' Association convinced Bradford

Council to hand over an area of green space at the top of Kirklands Avenue two

years ago.

And the group has a 25-year lease at a peppercorn rent for the third of an acre

where many events have taken place.

But last week workmen and diggers moved in to clear the overgrown railway banking

and installed the six foot high galvanised steel palisade fence.

Moira Orwin, chairman of HCKRA, has written to Network Rail to express the group's anger and upset.

"To the front of the fence is an open grassed area much used by the residents," she said.

"The palisade fence now destroys the image of the avenue.

"All forms of vegetation have been destroyed, leaving the fence standing stark and bare. No attempt

has been made to leave sufficient space to allow the replanting of shrubbery, blackberry and raspberry


"It is understood that safety is paramount and that considerations need to be made around such an area

as a railway track but the material used is totally out of keeping with the area."

She suggested it should at least be painted green.

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