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chain link fence
2016-03-26 17:27:47


A mystery chain link fence surrounding a small hill in

Ahwatukee has piqued the community's curiosity.

According to neighbors, the chain-link fence went up about a month ago, on a small hill

just off of Pecos Road and east of Desert Foothills Parkway.

"I saw workers putting up the fence," said Sabina Houle.

She lives roughly 50 feet from it, and has a direct view of the new addition from her backyard.

"Just awfully weird; it's tied off," said Tom Manata.

He bikes by it regularly and stopped our crew while they were out there filming to see if they knew what the deal was.

"Everybody's asking the same questions and yet nobody's got any answers," he said.

Adding to the mystery is the security guard keeping watch over the hill, which is already under lock and key.

"I was, like, what could be so secret that they're guarding something here?" Manata asked.

The area the hill is in is the future home of the South Mountain Freeway, and is owned by the Arizona Department of

Transportation. Some of the speculation is that the fence is related to the highway project.

"I heard one of my other neighbors say that it was because of the Indian artifacts they may find," said neighbor Clarence


When asked about the chain link fence and its purpose via email, an ADOT spokesperson responded: "The Arizona Department of

Transportation is conducting scientific investigations on ADOT-owned properties along the future South Mountain Freeway

corridor. The fencing is required to ensure the investigations are not disturbed by unauthorized individuals." 

When asked to elaborate, the spokesperson said he couldn't, saying once they've finished their work there they will likely be

able to share more about what exactly it was they were doing.

In the meantime, neighbors continue to read between the links.

"As long as they're not burying nuclear waste, I guess we're OK," said Manata. 

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