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Three Rails Wrought Iron Fence

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Three Rails Wrought Iron Fence

Product Abstract:

BT offers several fencing solutions to fit your needs. One of our most popular fencing solutions is the Three Rail Wrought Iron Fence (also known as Steel picket fence and Garrison fencing). This fencing solution is particularly popular for commercial applications as it provides a high level of security at an economical price.

Product Description

Three Rail Wrought Iron Fence

BT offers several fencing solutions to fit your needs. One of our most popular fencing solutions is the 

Three Rail Wrought Iron Fence (also known as Steel picket fence and Garrison fencing). 

This fencing solution is particularly popular for commercial applications as it provides a high level of 

security at an economical price.


Three Rail Wrought Iron Fence are 1200mm up to 3000mm tall and made of steel tube. 

As these are Garrison style fences, they have pressed pointed tips. They give the fence design a 

feature and they also act as a deterrent as they wouldbe incredibly dangerous and difficult for an

 intruder to try to climb and enter your premises. Keeping property secured is crucial to prevent 

damage to your property, theft and authorized access. Keep your employees, customers, products, 

and information safe with these exceptional Three Rail Wrought Iron Fence

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