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Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier

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Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier

Product Abstract:

Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier is ideal for high security situations, major gatherings or events .It is easy to move and durable character .crowd control barrier surface treatment can be hot dipped galvanized or pvc coated .hot dipped galvanized make the barrier has a silver color ,and pvc coated color is available for all the colors and it just depend on the customer request .

Product Description

 Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier

These  Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier are amongst the strongest most capable

barriers in their category. They are designed to be used in the most demanding of


 Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier Design

Unlike most standard crowd control barriers these barriers have a

mesh infill. This makes the barrier much harder to reach through

and increases the amount of damage the barrier can take before

it becomes unusable. The base is specifically designed for these

barriers and provides an incredibly stable platform for your barrier.

This barrier has a unique interlocking system that makes it impossible

to dismantle your barriers in any way except by starting from one end

and working your way to the other. This prevents people from removing

barriers from the middle sections.

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