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Metal Privacy Fencing

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Metal Privacy Fencing

Product Abstract:

Metal Privacy Fencing are 1800mm high, but we can manufacture a range of heights including 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm to suit your requirements.

Product Description
  • Metal Privacy Fencing
  • The metal fence is made of galvanized steel with 100% virgin material. As a result little to no maintenance required with metal fencing. Our special coating means there is no chance of any corrosion or rust.
  • Longer life that traditional wooden fences
  • Withstands extreme weather better than wooden fences
  • Will continue to look brand new, season after season.


The Metal Privacy Fencing can be used on flat sites or modified to suit sloped and undulating land. A special order for longer top and bottom tracks can allow for unusual designs. If the sheets are cut on-site to the same angle as the slope, panels can be constructed to follow the contour of the land. Alternatively,

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