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Double wire mesh fence

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Double wire mesh fence

Product Abstract:

Double wire mesh fence has the features of grid structure, beauty and practical, landscaping. In addition, double wire fencing is easy for plants to climb and widely used in parks and living areas.

Product Description

Double wire mesh fence has the features of grid structure, beauty and practical, landscaping. In addition, 

double wire mesh fencing is easy for plants to climb and widely used in parks and living areas. 


  Because of the double wire mesh fencing features of easy transportation and installing without the limitations of special terrain. It is adjust to 

mountain, hillside and winding zones. Double wire mesh fencing as professional fence is used in airports and military bases. While adding elbow, 

razor wire, barbed wire and other security accessories, it can protect the enhance sites further more.The double wire fencing price is under the 

medium level, it is widely used in industrial sites, playing fields, entertainment, schools and nurseries as security fencing.

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