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Germany Homeland Security & Public Safety Market - 2016-2022
2016-09-10 09:26:24

The Paris and Brussels terror attacks coupled with the arrival in Germany of 1.2 million migrants (UN Data) shook the German government, people, homeland security (Heimatsutz) and the intelligence communities. A major upgrade of the German internal security and migration enforcement infrastructure funding is already underway. Based on 6 months of intensive research, interviews and analyses, we forecast that the 2015-2020 market will grow at a CAGR of 16.3%, a 430% hike from the 3.8% CAGR during 2000-2015. 2015 will probably be remembered as a watershed year for Germany's internal security fence market, with a number of different developments converging to mark a major turning point.

The two-volume* + one "Germany Homeland Security & Public Safety Market – 2016-2022" report is the most comprehensive review of the market available today. It provides a detailed and reasoned roadmap of this growing market.

The report covers the German Homeland Security Immigration Enforcement & Public Safety markets since in most cases, products and services have dual or triple use applications and present the same business opportunities (e.g., biometric modalities are used for the following three sectors: counter-crime, immigration enforcement and counter terror).

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