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Steel Palisade Fence

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Steel Palisade Fence

Product Abstract:

Steel Palisade Fence is very stable ,easy to install, anti-rust,non maintenance, moreover it also has best quality ,unique profile design,different colors etc.

Product Description

Steel Palisade Fence

Steel Palisade Fence is very stable ,easy to install, anti-rust,non maintenance, 

moreover it also has best quality ,unique profile design,different colors etc.

Standard panel is constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections supplied for 

assembly on site . Panels consist of 17 vertical pales manufactured in "D" ,"W" or 

Rolled profile with a choice tops.

Popular size

Height x Length

2.4m x 2.75m, 2 x 2.4m,3m x 2.4m and so on


Angle bar, “ W” or “D”

Horizontal section

           50mmx50mmx5mm angle section etc.


“I” Beam or square post

Package details

In steel pallet 

Special size is available


Steel Palisade fence Install ways: Straight designed to be secured in a concrete foundation. 

The extent to which these are secured below the surface depends on the height if the fencing, 

the higher the fence, the further the post is concreted into the ground.With welded base plates, 

designed to be fastened to concrete or stone surfaces by way of strong industrial anchor fixings 

and/or chemical fixing compounds.

Cranked that are secured using either of the previously mentioned ways depending on circumstances.

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