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Chain link dog cages

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Chain link dog cages

Product Abstract:

Chain link dog cages the perfect fence for keeping in dogs and other small animals. The visibility of the fence allows animals to see out and not feel too “fenced in,” while the chain link material holds up well against chewing and clawing. Plus, chain link is strong and can hold in even the most determined pet.

Product Description

Chain link dog cage

Chain link makes the perfect fence for keeping in dogs and other small animals. The visibility of the fence 

allows animals to see out and not feel too “fenced in,” while the chain link material holds up well against 

chewing and clawing. Plus, chain link is strong and can hold in even the most determined pet.


We mainly manufacture chain link dog cage, square tube dog cage, dog fence, dog running cage etc.

 We have professional designer can design the dog cages according to your market.

 Our main market USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philiphines, India etc.


Welcome to your inquiry and vising. BT is your best choice.


Specifications of chain link dog cage:


low carbon steel wire

Wire diameter


hole size(mm)


kennel size

2x2x1.8m,2x2x2m, 2.4x3x2metc.

frame pipe


If you need more informations of the chain link dog cages, please feel free to contact us.

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