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Cattle yard panel

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Cattle yard panel

Product Abstract:

Cattle Yard panel can be used as a portable or permanent fencing solution for livestock. The Panels are perfect for uneven or steep terrain and the measure 2.1m x 1.8m high and are made out of heavy duty hot dipped galvanised pipe to the Australia standard

Product Description

Cattle yard Panels


Cattle yard panel can be used as a portable or permanent fencing solution for livestock. 

The Panels are perfect for uneven or steep terrain and the measure 2.1m x 1.8m high 

and are made out of heavy duty hot dipped galvanised pipe to the Australia standard.


Popular size

Height x Length

1.8m x 2.1m, 1.6 x 2.1m, 1.8m x 2.4m and so on

Pipe style

Round pipe or square tube or oval tube

Pipe specification

32mmO D, 40mmO. D, RHS40mm, 30x60 42x115 oval tube etc.

Package details

In steel pallet 

Special size is available

The details pictures of the cattle yard panel:

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